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Toshiba exec talks retail’s converging channels and today’s digital consumers
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In this Q&A, Toshiba exec Kirk Goldman talks about findings from new Toshiba research on today's consumers, technology in retail and unified commerce.


There is a way to be appreciated and valued in your role. It’s simple, but powerful. Here’s what you do: Serve the people in your company well.

As digital marketing becomes more sophisticated and pinpointed, marketers must know what messages to deliver and how to do it effectively.

How to pay for your online MBA
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Practical funding strategies for online candidates.

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Helping cities combat gun violence

gen z food culture

Millennials may be the prized target of the moment for marketers, but Gen Z is not-so-silently waiting in the wings, poised to make their own mark and blaze their own trail in contemporary lifestyles and food culture.


It’s stupid to pretend that you don’t have flaws or weaknesses. Instead, be smart and get ahead of them so they don’t sabotage you when you’re confronted with a stressful situation.

Promoting a branded podcast is all about optimization and engagement.

How advanced analytics can help manufacturers manage risks, meet regulatory requirements
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A panel of experts from Deloitte discuss how artificial intelligence is advancing analytics, the key components of a safety analytics program and how these solutions can help companies avoid or lessen the scope of a recall.

Teaching survivor guilt with PBL

Students with special needs get lessons on survivor guilt, thanks to hands-on PBL.

The much-anticipated deployment of 5G networks will be the driving force for the wireless industry, starting very soon. 5G networks will enable vastly improved download speeds, lower latency, and improved processing power.

Have you ever taken a role you weren't thrilled with rather than continuing your job search?

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As travelers evolve in their preferences and expectations, so too does the definition of luxury, a growing aspiration for cruise consumers looking for intimate and enriching travel experiences.

Smoothie King's clean-label efforts include eliminating added sugars.

Smoothie King, PepsiCo and other food makers and sellers are stressing nutrition and wellness.

Big picture

To truly be a strategic leader, you have to let go of little things and focus on the big picture.